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Camden House of Pizza a perfect place for family, friends, food

Larkin Kelly, Staff Writer

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Camden House of Pizza, commonly referred to as CHOPS, is a great restaurant choice for a fun family outing and meal. It has a wide assortment of Italian foods that are delicious. The service is outstanding and fast. The servers make one feel as comfortable as they would be right at home. It is a Greek restaurant, so it serves other things besides pizza. They serve the best chicken Greek salad around town.

The pizza has a rare taste. The cheese has a perfect texture because it is stringy, but it is not too stringy. Words cannot fully express the cheesy delight one finds once the pizza is eaten. The crust is as creamy as real milk. The Greek salad has a fresh taste. The lettuce is perfectly crisp. The feta cheese is as creamy as the bread. The chicken is grilled to a moist perfection. It is certainly up to par.

The service is very fast and efficient. The server never forget straws as most places around here do. They also go by the motto of service with a smile, but they truly look like they are eager to help. They all make it their personal business to get to know their customers and there food choice. The food is cooked exceptionally fast. It takes a max of 15 minutes to get the homemade delicious pizza.

The prices are reasonable considering the great taste of food and fast, patient servers. The pizza is around 12 dollars for a small and around 19 for a large. The pizzas are huge, so this is certainly a good price. The legendary salads are around 4-9 dollars considering whether or not you get meat. This is nothing but reasonable.

CHOPs was one of the first restaurants I got the privilege to eat in when I was a child. I will never forget my first bite of the savory chicken and heavenly pizza. It was fit for the gods. It is a highly recommended family restaurant by many families around Camden. I want everyone to have the opportunity to hear about this fast, friendly, and reasonably prices family restaurant.

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The student news site of Camden High School
Camden House of Pizza a perfect place for family, friends, food