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Sword easy to get into, good Anime art genre

Eric Mathis, Staff Writer

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The year is 2022, a new game has been released it takes place in virtual reality. When the main character puts on the virtual reality helmet he is sucked in to a fantastic virtual world. But, shortly after playing for a little while and making a new friend, he finds out everyone is trapped in the game. If, someone dies in this world though; the helmet takes their life as well.

This is the scene that takes place in the beginning of this fantastic anime. Though this anime isn’t for everyone. There is quite a lot of violence, and a few scare young viewers. I would say this is a anime for older teens, 15 and up.

This anime is a very high quality anime. The English subtitles are pretty much in sync with the Japanese voice acting. The coloration is not as bright as some animes, but also, not as dark as some other animes.

The story is very good in most places, but there are some connection issues in the first three or four episodes. Humor in this anime is not very centralized like other animes, so it is easier for people who don’t like animes very much to get into the show.

This show overall is very easy to get into, it has a good art style. The English dubs are synced with the Japanese speech very well. It is a show for older teens though 15 and up. It has a lot of violence. So, this show will engulf most everyone that watches it.

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The student news site of Camden High School
Sword easy to get into, good Anime art genre