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Students get real life application in math class

La'Aundrea Young, Staff Writer

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Often times, while in class, students ask the infamous question “When will we ever use this?”

Well, math teacher, Stacey McGee, got fed up with hearing that question. She wanted to show that teachers really do teach their students thing that can be used later on in the real world. On that note, she went to work creating this real-life project.

“This project is designed to apply concepts learned in our class to real-life. It is helping to make students aware of expectations when they become adults,” Stacey McGee said.

The project incorporated lessons like exponential growth and decay. It shows students how to take the salary from the career of their choice and live on it.

In the project, students pick a career and determine the yearly and annual salary they would make. They then deduct taxes and find out how much money they would make yearly and annually. The next step is to find out how much money they can spend on a car, by using a website she copied and pasted to the project packet.

After determining the maximum amount of money available to spend, students calculate the maximum amount of money they could pay a month for their car payment. Next, the students set out to www.carmax.com to find the car of their choice. They then discover how much interest to tack on to the original price and the monthly payments of the car. If either of those numbers exceed the maximum amount available to be spent, the student has to choose a cheaper car.

The next step is to go through the same process for finding a house on www.homes.com . Students are to discover how much the house of their house will be with a 15-year mortgage and a 30-year mortgage. They then decide what type of mortgage they will have.

Then, the students transfer the results onto poster board for display. Some students felt that the project was too much work even though it provided a valuable life lesson.

“She should have given us more time. We were the first class ever that she gave this to and it was a lot to go back and fix. I mean I like the project because it is very realistic, but we should’ve had more time because it consisted of a lot of work,” Sophomore Freeda McCaskill said.

McGee was proud of the assignment and wants the school to know that. The boards will be posted around the school for anyone to see.

“I love seeing the students learn about what life will be like when they are on their own and yes I would be willing to do this project with future classes,” McGee said.


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The student news site of Camden High School
Students get real life application in math class