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Orca captivity should captivate no one

Kinsley Dent, Online Editor

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If you are not familiar with, SeaWorld, it is a theme park that uses the captivity of animals to bring in a plethora of interested people who pay money to see these wild animals perform in shows.  These animals, in particular, are killer whales or orcas. This theme park chain captures the orcas out of the wild and makes them live in a pool for the rest of their lives to perform in shows.  SeaWorld has stolen the innocence of these animals and made them look like murderous monsters.  Animals in captivity are left without their family and freedom which leads to them becoming extremely aggressive.

The living conditions these whales are expected to live in are horrible. The facilities are unclean and small compared to the miles and miles of ocean they are used to living in.  This is a prison for these animals. Orcas normally swim up to 100 miles each day. Now, let’s think. How will these animals that on average are about 16-23 feet long, swim 100 miles a day in the tiny pods they are required to live in? These pods are also unsanitary. The USDA stated that the parks have violated many different requirements on the Animal Welfare Act.

One can tell that there are many different factors that can lead up to the violence toward their trainers. Over the years of abuse towards the orcas it is obvious that they have become aggressive and agitated. I think anyone, or any animal, would become irritated if they were being kept in a pool and were forced to train and perform in shows everyday.  Eventually they crack.

In 2010 SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by one of SeaWorld Orlando’s largest orcas, Tilikum. She was finishing the show when she was pulled in the water,  scalped, and drowned by the animal.

This wasn’t Tilikum’s first attack but it was the one that caused SeaWorld to stop allowing trainers in the water with the orcas. Many people want the shows to continue. These people are clearly uneducated about the topic.

Everyone should stop going to SeaWorld. I do not understand how one could support the torture of any animal, let alone an endangered animal as special as orcas. The orcas should have been left in their natural habitat not captured and forced to live in a bathtub. Animals are meant for the wild; they were put there for a reason. Orcas are not meant to be taken out of their homes and be put on display for human enjoyment.

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The student news site of Camden High School
Orca captivity should captivate no one