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The wonders of writing

Alissa Gardner, Staff Writer

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When I was in sixth grade I loved to write. It was my first passion before I learned I could sing. I would write poems every day expressing how I felt but, honestly, it would be depressing. Everybody has those days. As I got older I started maturing in my literature. It went from poems to fantasy-styled stories. My first book ever was based off the “Warrior Cats” series.

Soon after my first book my friend and I decided to get together. We both had a love for mythical creatures (such as vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc.) So we wrote about a medieval age’s kingdom. Everyone was a shapeshifter, but there was an evil group. “The dark ones” who wanted to take that away from everyone. The first two characters we had based off of ourselves. The rest of the characters we based off our friends.

We used a bit of Greek history and Latin. We loved mythology, so we used a good bit of it in our writings. Brook, who was the main character of our story was supposed to be a god-like figure in the story with no memory of her past.

The possibilities that can be put into a book amazes me. To me, writing is the same thing as reading. With writing I can escape into a new world and just create what I want around me. Though, writing is not for everyone, especially people who do not like to write or read.  I love to write and I still write novels to this day.

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The student news site of Camden High School
The wonders of writing