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CHS introduces new dance team

Megan Cash, Staff Writer

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A new addition to the basketball game stands this year is the dance team. Mrs. Rebecca Rundlett, English 1 teacher here at Camden High, is the head coach with the assistance of Markeita Warren, who is also a teacher at Jackson Elementary School.

“The dance team was started this year to give more girls the opportunity to participate,” said Mrs. Rundlett.

Many people question what the difference between the dance team and cheerleading team is. The dance team only attends basketball games rather than football games. They still dance at half time like the cheerleaders, but the dance team does not do any stunts. Instead, they do chants in the stands and pom routines during quarter changes.

“I wanted to be on the dance team to share my talent of dancing with school and I think so far based off of practice, we will have a great season,” Sophomore Morgan Schoolfield said.

2013-2014 CHS Dance team roster

Morgan Schoolfield

Kay Stuckey

Kayla Crim

Brianna Neal

Destiny Thomas

Grace Smith

Tiffany Cohee

Jamie Green

Darlasia Salmond

Porisha Flowers

Cierra Davis

Veronica Milbry

Alisha James

Alesia Davis

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The student news site of Camden High School
CHS introduces new dance team